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RamRodz® Rifle and Shotgun Adapter 6 Pack (3 of Each)

(44 customer reviews)
$6.35 each
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The RamRodz® Rifle & Shotgun Adapters provide a simple and efficient way to utilize caliber-specific RamRodz for cleaning rifle and shotgun barrels. Constructed of durable, reinforced nylon, RamRodz adapters fit standard cleaning-rod threads (8/32”). Shooters can simply press a swab into the adapter, clean from breech to muzzle, then remove the dirty swab from the adapter after exiting the barrel. Each adapter features  high-vis colors for easy identification: green for pistol or rifle calibers, and orange for shotgun gauge calibers.



Product Specs

Orange 5.5cm, green 4.2cm. Fits standard cleaning-rod threads (8/32”).


3 orange, 3 green

44 reviews for RamRodz® Rifle and Shotgun Adapter 6 Pack (3 of Each)

  1. Steve

    Work great with the Ramrodz cleaning swabs. Work great with the Ramrodz cleaning swabs. I had been extremely pleased with the way the swabs work to clean my handguns and decided to try these for my rifles. They work very well allowing for back and forth movement to thoroughly clean the bore.

  2. PatinPoconos

    Work better than expected – excellent product. Work much better than you’d expect. They will bend but while I bent the first one a half dozen times feeding the swabs in the bore it neither released the swab nor broke – great addition to the RamRodz lineup.

  3. David P.

    These are the ticket! I can clean my 10/22 or my 995TS easily and on the range. Makes a good product great! Thanks!

  4. J M.

    Not crazy about the colors but… Works great.

  5. Ruth M.


  6. David M.

    Looks good. Have not used yet.

  7. Greg D.

  8. Mickel E.

    The reason I bought the adapter 6 pack was when I bought the package of ramrodz didnot come with any adapters. I bought them at a gun show and the seller told me they were in the bag and they were not. I do like them and they do a very good job.

  9. Joel Jeffrey

  10. Norman W.

    Works well in 5.56 & 7.62. Have not tried it in shotgun.

  11. JAMES

  12. Anonymous

  13. George Farnsworth

    A fail safe method to completely clean the bore.


  15. Ron Call

  16. Steve J.

  17. Edward Martin

    Helpful in using the cleaners.

  18. James Bernard

  19. Richard

  20. Joseph Mumphrey

  21. Anonymous

  22. Anonymous

  23. Michael O.

    I had wanted to use the RamRodz instead of patches in my rifle like I do my pistols. The rifle adapter did the trick attached to my cleaning rod. Because the adapter holds the RamRodz really secure they should work drawing the RamRodz through as well.

  24. Stephen

    Works great

  25. Steven Edwards

    Good service and speedily delivery. Great cleaning in
    all the calibers I ordered.

  26. Kenny C.

  27. Joel A Tillberg

  28. Ken D.

  29. John M.

  30. Stephen

    Makes it easier

  31. James Kiser

    replacements for ones I have worn out

  32. Timothy C.

  33. Robert

    Works Great

  34. RICHARD L.

    rifle adapter works real well. Be sure to push ramrodz swab in the barrel by holding the swab right behind the cotton part. it the fit is tight and you try to use the bamboo stick to push the swab in, you will probably snap it off.

  35. Fritz S.

    They shipped very quickly and are exactly what I wanted Thank you for a great transaction

  36. Anonymous

  37. Anonymous

  38. Steven Cape

    Only problem I had was told you would send me an email when items shipped,but you never did and I have to drive 8 miles to get my mail so it was in mail box for a week before I knew it.But I love the products.

  39. James Hartford

    Easy to use

  40. Jon Nevins

  41. Robert K Thompson Jr

  42. Larry B.

    Great product & price

  43. Brian Colburn

  44. Anonymous

    These are a great product. Only wish they could be packaged for rifle and shotgun separately. Also include an adapter in swab packs.

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