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.38/.357/.380/9mm Caliber (Qty: 200)

(204 customer reviews)
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RamRodz® Barrel and Breech Cleaners are a new line of gun cleaning swabs that eliminate the need for cotton patches.  They provide far superior gun cleaning performance in a fraction of the time without the hassle and mess.  All RamRodz® models are ideal for cleaning barrels, receivers, slides,chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.

  • Expands deep into rifling grooves
  • Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
  • Strong and flexible bamboo handles
  • No drip, mess or splatter
  • Disposable and biodegradable
  • Hanging Bag Size: 13″ H x 6″ W x 2″ D


Product Specs

8" Length, 9mm Tip Diameter



204 reviews for .38/.357/.380/9mm Caliber (Qty: 200)

  1. Michael

    Great Final Stage Bore Cleaning Device. I was skeptical of these, but after trying them, am a big fan. They have a very snug fit so they’re effective, and I find that using patches at first and then these on the final pass of cleaning the barrel is their most utilitarian use. I use a very small amount of J&B cleaning compound on the swab for my final pass after a patch appears to run clean, and this swab removes that last bit of residue.

  2. Readneck

    Nice Cleaners. Good, convenient cleaning rods. Correct size for barrel cleaning. There was a comment that the tips were to stiff or did not absorb cleaning fluid. If you just “massage” the tips a little between your fingers, it will loosen up and take on the cleaner.

  3. David

    I’m actually pretty impressed with these more now i know i can get more than one use out of them.

    They fit perfectly in the bore and as long as they still have clean areas on them, you can continue to use them cleaning the bore out.

  4. AS

    More more more. Built in cleaning rod. Whats not to love about it. Simple, effective.

  5. Josette

    So much better than cloth! These are much more efficient than flat cleaning cloths. I now use the cloths just for oiling and wiping down. Cleaning goes by a lot more quickly now.

  6. Ben

    If you’re a shooter you need this product. Great product, use various sizes based on the weapon I’m cleaning. Have recommended them to all my friends at the range.

  7. Richard

    What a great product! I’ve been cleaning weapons since I was 12 years old and I can’t believe it’s taken me 40+ years to discover this product. So simple and easy to use. I absolutely love them.

  8. Edward

    Very good product. They hold up well, tips don’t shred.

  9. davidsqueek

    Lots of product for the price. Would buy again.

  10. Dave

    Well made and works as advertised.

  11. D. K.

    Surprisingly Effective. I’m one of those shooters who thoroughly cleans a gun after every firing. Thought I always did a good job at it. Recently put 120 rounds of ammo through my Glock 43. I had cleaned the barrel with multiple passes of a nylon bore brush loaded with Lucas Oil bore solvent, followed with three rather large “Southern Bloomer” patches, the last of which came out very clean. Just got my RamRodz bore cleaners and tested against my supposedly already clean Glock 43 barrel. Applied some solvent with a Q-Tip (no brush) down the barrel, followed with several plunges of a RamRodz. Darned if it wasn’t picking up noticeable uncleaned carbon residue. Same thing happened with a recently cleaned Sig P938. These swabs are a very tight fit in my 9mm barrels. I’m a believer. Plus, the RamRodz are very effective cleaning the magazine well and other parts of the frame and slide.

  12. Jerry M.

    Excellent Cleaning Accessory. I have been using these for over two years. I am a pistol instructor and RSO so do a lot of shooting. I have found these to be extremely valuable. The first several times I used them I did a comparison. I cleaned normally with patches until the bore was clean, or so I thought. I then ran a RamRodz through the barrel and it came out black. My feeling is that these conform to the barrel perfectly and get into the grooves that may be glossed over with a patch. I definitely recommend.

  13. Top Dog

    Highly Recommend for Cleaning. I was skeptical even after reading the reviews. But these exceeded my expectations. I am faithful in cleaning my handguns after each range detail. I found these very useful and of high quality. The shaft made of bamboo does not break easily like the cheap wooden shaft medical / industrial grade swabs. Also the cotton end is big enough to make contact with all the lands & groves of a barrel. Cuts cleaning time down and you use less patches.

  14. Edward

    Very good product. They hold up well, tips don’t shred.

  15. Scott T.

    The stalks could be a little sturdier.

  16. Michael F.

    Great swabs! This was my first purchase of these, and after my first use of them I’m glad I bought them. I used them to clean a 9mm pistol the other day and it made swabbing the barrel much easier, and it is very absorbent, so you can really do a lot of cleaning with it. It has worked great, and I’m mighty glad I bought them. From my experience so far, I do plan on buying more of these.

  17. Richard D.

    Work great. Have to be careful to insert straight or they can snap

  18. Mike

  19. Rodney Gohn

  20. RICHARD L.

  21. Paul

    RamRodz is my go-to cleaning tool. Can’t live without them.

  22. Steve McNeill

  23. Anonymous

    Have been using Ramrodz for a long time. However, my supplier, Dunham’s in Muskegon, MI, has apparently decided not to resupply their shelves with this 9mm size; thus, my direct order to Ramrodz for this excellent product.

  24. Robert P.

  25. Robert

  26. James

  27. Anonymous


  29. Richard V.

    Much nicer to use than cotton patches. Easier and does a better job too!

  30. Greg D.

  31. Richard Hopkins

  32. John K.

  33. Anonymous

  34. David B Daniels

  35. Dale M.

  36. James Edie

  37. Ronald Yergey


  38. Edward P.

  39. Frank Falusi

  40. Thomas D.

    outstanding product

  41. Justin L.

  42. JAMES

  43. Karl Bruder

    Works great

  44. Anonymous

  45. PAUL C.

    Great product & great service.

  46. Anonymous

    Outstanding product. Way better than the patches. I will order again and again. In fact, I have ordered several times over the past three years.

  47. Frank Jones

    These swabs changed the way I clean my guns in a very good way. The end result is a cleaner gun in less time. Plus no more messing with mops and patches! Same for the .45 caliber swabs. A simple, efficient, and effective gun cleaning solution.

  48. Robert P.

  49. Timothy Meadows


  51. James

    Very easy & thorough; my 2nd or 3rd purchase

  52. Jeffrey D.


  53. Ronald Loalbo

  54. Steve J.

  55. david b.

  56. James Doggett

    I have used your product for years and I love them. Gave some to my next door neighbor and he loves them all so

  57. William F.

  58. Richard Melchert

    Excellent product, great price and delivery

  59. John T

    Timely delivery as ordered!

  60. Joseph Mumphrey

  61. JEFF S.

  62. Anonymous

    Diameter is undersized, just usable

  63. Anonymous

  64. John Paul

    Excellent product. Makes cleaning a lot easier and more convenient.

  65. Michael D.

    Excellent product, a friend gave me some to try and I couldn’t believe how well they worked. I tried another brand (Tipton) that was worthless, they fell apart as soon as they were dipped in solvent.

  66. Craig Kerkman

  67. Steven Moldin

  68. EDWARD T.

  69. Steven Bertling

    Very nice addition to my cleaning equipment.

  70. Steven Edwards

  71. Roger Smith

    This is one of those once you try them ,you can’t go without them………

  72. Scott Moss

  73. WILLIE J.

    Product performs well. Very satisfied!!

  74. Robert S.

  75. Peter

  76. JOHN B.

  77. Ronald M.

    Excellent product shipped very fast. Best tool for cleaning 38 Special and 357 revolvers I’ve found.


  79. Joel A Tillberg

  80. Cor Videler

  81. Stephen

    Works great

  82. James Kiser

    I have good results with these

  83. Stuart Carroll

    works great, cleans thoroughly

  84. Robert P.

    Very satisfied

  85. Daniel M.

    works great!

  86. Ronald Rubin

    All companies should have the customer service and appreciation that your company has.

  87. Lew J.

    thanks for the good service!

  88. Don N.

  89. Steven W.

    Great product!

  90. Thomas Meredith

  91. DJ

  92. Tom Gipson

  93. Mike A.

    Usually works very well. Occasionally some will collapse loosing the normal tight fit.

  94. John K.

    I use the RamRodz barrel cleaners after every range day. I use multiple calibers. Great alternative for keeping your barrels safe and clean.


    Great products. Thank you.

  96. Joseph

  97. Robert

    Amazing how much crap these things get out of barrel.

  98. Lance

    Great product!!!

  99. Richard

    Now all my guns are as clean as can be. Thanks, RamRodz

  100. Anonymous

  101. James Debelak

    best thing yet

  102. Anonymous

  103. Jim Wulf

  104. Robert

    Works Great

  105. Adrian

    Great company ! Fast shipping great product

  106. carl whitley

  107. jeff AUDET

  108. RICHARD L.

    see previous comment

  109. Bruce Hoenecke

  110. Michael Grady

  111. RICHARD L.

    Love all your products. I stopped using patches to clean barrels and use nothing but Ramrodz. I also have found many uses for your Ramdodz around the house as well. One of them is cleaning the feeding holes in my Hummingbird feeders.

  112. Craig Wolff

  113. Samuel C.

    GREAT Helpers

  114. Ron W.

  115. Anonymous

    It’s like using patches but on steroids! I have purchased RamRodz in different calibers. Swabs fit snug in barrel so I know it’s getting good contact with the rifling. I will but replenishing these for sure!

  116. Mark O.

    Love the product. With a little solvent gets carbon deposits out of lands and grooves like no other product.

  117. Perry Lozano

  118. Jaime Vera

  119. william m.

    outstanding product and service!

  120. Butch D.

    baet on the market bar none

  121. Brad D.

    Quick delivery and an excellent product

  122. Robert S.

    Great service and quick delivery. Going to use them in the next week or two. I.m excited to use this product.

  123. Terrence McGovern

  124. Lance

  125. John

  126. RAYMOND B

    Website super User Friendly, orders came quickly, BEST barrel cleaner on the market. Will be ordering more!!!

  127. Mark

  128. Al

    Works great on my pistols

  129. Paul S.

    Love using these

  130. Anonymous

  131. Anonymous

    good Product

  132. Steven Cape

    Shipping notifications could be better.

  133. Joe G.

    Exceptional product. Thank you.

  134. Terrence McGovern

    is one of the eases way to clean my 9mm after a day of shooting.

  135. Todd Miller

  136. Texas Welsh

  137. Christopher

  138. Steven L.

    Patches have their place
    but any range visitor is doing their firearms a disservice not purchasing Ramrodz.
    I’m 64 and started shooting 2 years ago as a hobby I grew up watching war movies and westerns.

  139. David C.

  140. Wayne H.

    Cleans the barrel great, love how good they work

  141. Kelly Carter

    My most used size. Not only used for advertised bore sizes of firearms; swabs are also used for my work with
    carbon fiber tubes building airframes. The inside of C/F
    tubes (both ends) need to be prepped for bonding aluminum threaded end pieces and the swabs fit nicely to perform final cleaning prior to bonding with epoxy.

  142. Thomas Kimrey

    Initially had a problem with the website. Called customer service and was taken care of! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thank you

  143. tim mulligan

  144. Matthew

  145. Michael Hunter

  146. Jerry Crosley

    These swabs are one of the handiest multi task tools on my bench in 59 years of very active handgunning. Whether I’m removing lead from a bore, polishing the barrel and cylinder, or doing basic cleaning, these are my go to tool for all of that and more. And the customer service has been great. Thanks gang.

  147. BRENT B.


  148. Ruben

  149. Michael G.

  150. lawrence

    Great cleaning system.

  151. Greg Arico

  152. Robert

    Great product, hard to find my caliber in store, they seem to sell out as soon as they restock the shelves.

  153. Jim

  154. Richard E.


  155. Vincent J. DeSanto

  156. Matthew

    I love your swabs! They make for a faster and more thorough cleaning than regular patches.

  157. Kirk

    Great product and quick shipping.

  158. Steve


    I plan to use RAMRODZ along with bore-swabs to clean and lube – no more tedious, messy patches.

  160. Verified Buyer

  161. Verified Buyer

  162. Verified Buyer

    Best cleaners I have used over the years.

  163. Verified Buyer

  164. Verified Buyer

  165. Michael Chase

  166. Verified Buyer

  167. Terry M.

  168. Randall Cummings

  169. Johnny Schaeffer

    Ramrodz barrel and breach cleaners work great. Far exceeded my expectations and first impressions of them.
    Thank you Ramrodz!

  170. Timmy Lamb

    Fast ship.

  171. Frederick A.

  172. Ray R.

    I can always trust their quality and customer service.

  173. Edmund D.

    Excellent swabs for quick cleaning of my handguns. Would recommend these to anyone who shoots a lot

  174. Brad D.

  175. Anonymous

  176. Dan

    Fast friendly service, and excellent product, reduced greatly reduced cleaning time swabs have full bore coverage.

  177. Steve H.

    wish i had these 35 years ago – these are great for clean and lube of 3” and 4” barrels- just try them yourself.

  178. Charles F.

    Excellent product, well made, fast delivery

  179. Anonymous

  180. Louis R.

    Excellent product

  181. Robert

    These are excellent tools for cleaning and maintaining my firearms. I have not found anything else that is comparable

  182. Jim Bredemeyer

    Work great does a good job cleaning and is fast.

  183. willie Lee

  184. Ollie Williams

    Very prompt delivery of my order. Easy to use website.

  185. Michael K.

  186. Dave Bixby

    They work extremely well for cleaning my 9mm and also for my dogs ears.

  187. Roberto Vasquez


  189. Ronald

    Easy to deal with. Love the product.

  190. Barry Clark

    The best tool for cleaning your pistol

  191. Joel Tillberg

    Best gun cleaner I’ve ever used-and I’ve been cleaning guns for over 50 years!

  192. Stan

    Great for firearm cleaning

  193. Michael

  194. Anonymous

  195. Stephen Shearin

  196. Frank P.

    Best tool for cleaning your firearms ever.

  197. Marvin Stewart

  198. Toby

    I have been using these for years. They are excellent.

  199. Terence

    Outstanding, sturdy, very true to size and they fit super tight in the bore. They really spread the solvent and wipe the bore spotless. They are flexible and do not fall apart leaving cotton in all the nooks and crannies.

  200. Steven

    Ram Rodz are the best bore cleaning product in the market place. Definitely better than jags and patches as well as most of the bore snakes. They’re also good for general cleaning. Extremely well made and very affordable. Great delivery too. I’ve used their products for years.

  201. Anonymous

    Great product. Learned of them from Hickok45 on You Tube.

  202. Cor V.

    Delivered fast work as intended

  203. Philip Neel

    Excellent product!

  204. Sandra

    These work so well, always like to keep plenty on hand.

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