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.44/.45/.410 Caliber (Qty: 100)

(128 customer reviews)
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$12.95 each
$59.94 ($9.99/bag) 6 Pack Free Shipping
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RamRodz® Barrel and Breech Cleaners are a new line of gun cleaning swabs that eliminate the need for cotton patches. They provide far superior gun cleaning performance in a fraction of the time without the hassle and mess.  All RamRodz® models are ideal for cleaning barrels, receivers, slides, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.

  • Expands deep into rifling grooves
  • Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
  • Strong and flexible bamboo handles
  • No drip, mess or splatter
  • Disposable and biodegradable
  • Hanging Bag Size: 13″ H x 6″ W x 2″ D


Product Specs

8" Length, 12mm Tip Diameter



128 reviews for .44/.45/.410 Caliber (Qty: 100)

  1. wheelgunner

    Speeds up the cleaning process… Makes cleaning the .45 Colt revolvers quick, convenient, and easy. Wish I had known about these cleaning swabs sooner. Excellent product and highly recommended to any shooter who prefers a clean and well-maintained sidearm. Load up and carry on.

  2. Skip

    Throw away your cotton swabs these do a better job with much less effort. Also work great to plug bore if you need to soak your bore to remove copper fouling. Once you use these you’ll wonder how you survived without them.

  3. JR

    Better than patches. I like it much better than patches, I start the cleaning with a few passes with a metal brush followed by the swabs. The cotton swabs adapts to barrel riffling to achieve a cleaner barrel.

  4. wheelgunner

    Speeds up the cleaning process… Makes cleaning the .45 Colt revolvers quick, convenient, and easy. Wish I had known about these cleaning swabs sooner. Excellent product and highly recommended to any shooter who prefers a clean and well-maintained sidearm. Load up and carry on.

  5. Stephen L. F.

    Try them, you’ll like them too. A little pricey, but after using them compared to dozens of patches, it’s not that bad. Definitely shows if the gun has any residue. Buying twice as many this time cause I have a lot of .45 pistols.

  6. Kevin S.

    The easiest to use by far. Using these is the easiest way to clean the barrel of your pistol, you don’t need patches or bore mops when you use these.

  7. Donald A.

    I really like them. New to using swabs for bore’s but it works very well for handguns!!

  8. Capt Mike

    Work well. A bit pricey.

  9. Richard Dale

  10. Mike

  11. Rodney Gohn

  12. RICHARD L.

  13. Steve McNeill

  14. douglas karowsky

    Great product, if they made 17cal. Even greater

  15. James

  16. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

  19. Edward P.

  20. Brad

    Everything came in a timely manner and was as expected. Have been very happy with their products.

  21. Justin L.

  22. Karl Bruder

    Works great

  23. PAUL C.

    Great product & great service.

  24. Frank Jones

    These swabs changed the way I clean my guns in a very good way. The end result is a cleaner gun in less time. Plus no more messing with mops and patches! Same for the 9mm swabs. A simple, efficient, and effective gun cleaning solution.

  25. Steven P.

  26. Robert P.

  27. Jeffrey D.

    Great product

  28. Ronald Loalbo

    Great product, price and quick service. Highly recommend.

  29. david b.

  30. James Bernard

  31. William F.

  32. John T

    Timely delivery as ordered!

  33. Stewart Quinn

  34. JEFF S.

  35. Anonymous

  36. Michael D.

    Excellent product, a friend gave me some to try and I couldn’t believe how well they worked. I tried another brand (Tipton) that was worthless, they fell apart as soon as they were dipped in solvent.

  37. Anonymous

  38. Craig Kerkman

  39. Steven Moldin

  40. Steven Edwards

  41. Scott Moss

    Really great for cleaning the bores and cylinders on my revolvers

  42. WILLIE J.

    I received my order quickly. Very satisfied with the product.

  43. JOHN B.


  45. Joel A Tillberg

  46. Cor Videler

  47. James Kiser

    easy to use

  48. Stuart Carroll

    cleans thoroughly

  49. Robert P.

    Very satisfied

  50. Daniel M.

    tight on the .410’s

  51. Don N.

  52. Jeffrey B.

  53. David N.

  54. VICTOR

  55. Joseph


  56. Lance

    Great product!!!

  57. Anonymous

  58. Karl

    Good stuff , been using for a while

  59. Carol Ann Prior

    I buy them for my husband in .22, .38/9mm, and .45…He really likes them..

  60. Craig Wolff

  61. Ron W.

  62. Dan D.

    I’ve been using these on my 9mm for years and now will use them on my .45! I’m very pleased with how clean the get my barrels.

  63. Steven Haber

    Love the product. Shipping phenomenally slow.

  64. Ralph

    Love ‘em ! Much better than patches, especially with stronger solvents (no contact with skin! )

  65. Mark O.

    Love the product. With a little solvent gets carbon deposits out of lands and grooves like no other product.

  66. Jaime Vera

  67. william m.

    outstanding product and service!

  68. Bruce H.

  69. Robin Marshall

    Does what is claimed. Cleans stuff well!

  70. Ralph

    Quick delivery and well packaged (not compressed, like one order I got off Amazon) . Very satisfactory !

  71. Lance

  72. Robert

    Prompt receipt of ordered items.

  73. Paul S.

    Love using these

  74. Anonymous

  75. Anonymous

    Excellent product and service.

  76. Terrence McGovern

    best way to clean my guns after a day at the range

  77. Christopher

  78. David C.

    Good product,I use a lot of them . Thank you

  79. Kent

  80. Michael Syjut

  81. Michael Hunter

  82. Michael K.

  83. Anonymous

  84. Anonymous

  85. Anonymous

    Excellent disposable tool – also, especially good for a quick swab in the field.

  86. Michael G.

  87. Greg Arico

  88. Stephen

  89. Jim

  90. Vincent J. DeSanto

  91. Allen

    Great product that makes it much easier to clean my handguns.

  92. Matthew

    I love your swabs! They make for a faster and more thorough cleaning than regular patches.

  93. Peter Tonnessen

  94. Jimmy Putrino

    Great Service at a fair price.

  95. William H Morgan

    Fast service. Thanks

  96. Kirk

    Great product. Quick shipping.

  97. Steve

  98. Patricia

    I’ve ordered several sizes several different times. I really like the product. However, I wish you made a tubular (cylinder) tip rather than (or in addition to) the tear-drop shape type for the purpose of scrubbing the barrel and getting into corners . The tear-drop shape only touches the surface to be cleaned at the widest point of the tip. The rest of the surface of the tip doesn’t contribute to cleaning.


  100. Verified Buyer

  101. Verified Buyer

  102. Verified Buyer

    Best cleaners I have used over the years.

  103. Verified Buyer

  104. Verified Buyer

  105. Terry M.

    These are very handy and useful cleaning tools, especially for your handguns. I often use caliber specific RamRodz with a patch, (which sounds crazy), to clean surfaces with JB Bore paste. Soft enough to avoid damage from a hard brass jag, firm enough to put mild and uniform pressure on a chamber or bore. I keep a supply of .22, .357, .44 RamRodz on hand at all times.

  106. Frederick A.

    The phone communication was the most courteous and professional I’ve encountered in years! Great people!

  107. Brad D.

  108. Steve H.

    wish i had these 35 years ago – these are great for clean and lube of 3” and 4” barrels- just try them yourself.

  109. Anonymous

    Delivered as ordered without delay.

  110. James Bruno

  111. Anonymous

  112. Ronald Call

  113. Robert

    These are excellent tools for cleaning and maintaining my firearms. I have not found anything else that is comparable

  114. Jim Bredemeyer

    Working great like always I restocked with this order

  115. Anonymous

  116. Mitch Barnhart

  117. willie Lee

  118. Dave Bixby

    Great for my 45acp

  119. Roberto Vasquez


  121. Anonymous

  122. Stephen Shearin

  123. Terence

    Outstanding, sturdy, very true to size and they fit super tight in the bore. They really spread the solvent and wipe the bore spotless. They are flexible and do not fall apart leaving cotton in all the nooks and crannies.

  124. Anonymous

    Great product. Learned of them from Hickok45 on You Tube.

  125. Ron

    Best cleaning products for my rifles and loading dies. I’ve been using all sizes one time or another. Good stuff.

  126. Cor V.

    Delivered fast work as intended

  127. Gerald Bishop

    Great product. The only way I clean my handguns

  128. Philip Neel

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