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Gun Detailing Assortment (NOT FOR BARRELS) (Qty: 250)

(30 customer reviews)
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$12.95 each
$59.94 ($9.99/bag) 6 Pack Free Shipping



The RamRodz®Gun Detailing Assortment (#80250) provides shooters with a large combo-pack of industrial-grade, low-lint cotton swabs with flexible bamboo handles. This assortment can be used to clean all components of a firearm other than the bore. The variety of sizes included makes cleaning firearm components easier than ever. From slide rails to bolt carriers, RamRodz® provide a convenient and cost effective option for removing fouling, dirt, grease and debris from your firearm collection. Gunsmiths also prefer using RamRodz® to apply bluing finish. The RamRodz® Gun Detailing Assortment is not intended for use in the barrel. Caliber-specific RamRodz® are available in the following sizes: .22 Caliber (#22300), .38/9mm (#38200), .40 Caliber (#40100), .45 Caliber (#45075) and .50 Caliber (#50075).


Product Specs

.38/9mm (#38200) [100], .40 Caliber (#40100) [25], .45 Caliber (#45075) [25] and Breech Cleaners (#11800) [100]



30 reviews for Gun Detailing Assortment (NOT FOR BARRELS) (Qty: 250)

  1. RL

    Glad to try these. I like using these – getting away from the old method.
    Bore and cylinder fit is good. Stick handle good. Tip holds a good bit of solvent and makes cleaning/swabbing fast and easy.
    Got em in .22 & 9mm and when needing to do some cleaning at the range this is a faster & cleaner way – compared to patches.

  2. Chelsea

    Great product. These are not flimsy and do not break with normal use, as some brands I’ve experienced have. Good product for the money and good length. Will buy again.

  3. J

    Best way to clean your guns. Makes patches a thing off the past. Gun cleaning is faster, easier and more thorough with RamRodz.

  4. william 111

    Great sturdy firearm cleaning and maintenance product. I like the sturdiness and the way the cotton is secured to the rod.
    These hold up well to pressure and the tips absorbs the dirt and cleaning solution well.
    I use them for all types of uses in cleaning firearms and many other applications.
    Great product!!! I love them!!!

  5. Eli K.

    Great swab. Great product. Happy. Great product. Costs a little more than Q-tips or the cheap medical supply swab but so much better. I’ve had troubles with the stems breaking on cheap swabs and this just set a new standard for me. Like any swab, the cotton tip does tend to unravel, and depending on technique, has the potential to leave behind lint. But the fact that the stems are sturdy allow for more pressure to clean surfaces without having to constantly grab a new swab.

  6. Chelsea

    Great product. These are not flimsy and do not break with normal use, as some brands I’ve experienced have. Good product for the money and good length. Will buy again.

  7. Steve B.

    RamRodz Cleaning Bore Swabs. I really like these for cleaning, I am using them for 22 LR pistol cleaning also. I will purchase more when needed.

  8. Omar C.

    Perfect item. Just wish the swab shafts was plastic and flexible instead of wood. But besides that it’s great

  9. David M.

    Looks good. Have not used yet.

  10. Caroline M.

    I recently bought an Chinese sks and it was coated in cosmoline. These were perfect for getting into the small spaces and into other areas I couldn’t get to. I would definitely recommend these. This is a great kit.

  11. Anonymous

    Outstanding product. Way better than the patches. I will order again and again. In fact, I have ordered several times over the past three years.

  12. Robert P.

  13. Timothy Meadows


  15. Stewart Quinn

  16. Anonymous

  17. Anonymous

  18. Craig Kerkman


  20. RICHARD L.

    These are great for getting into tight areas in firearms as well as for household items. I use them for cleaning my hummingbird feeders in the season as well as for my pocket knives and anything else that that has a small area that needs to be cleaned. I can always find a new use for them.

  21. william m.

    outstanding product and service!

  22. Anonymous

  23. Jon Nevins

  24. Brian Colburn

  25. Verified Buyer

    Best cleaners I have used over the years.

  26. Verified Buyer

  27. Robert

    These are excellent tools for cleaning and maintaining my firearms. I have not found anything else that is comparable. Great for detailing (and also good for cleaning my printer’s interior to keep it working well).

  28. Stephen

    These things are awesome! I will be back for both the rifle and pistol kits!

  29. Terence K.

    The ramrodz clean very well and crazy as a sounds it actually speeds up the cleaning time I don’t have to change different size jags and brushes they don’t break and they don’t leave cotton all over everything.

  30. kirk p.

    A neat and effective product.

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