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.30/.308/7.62mm Caliber (Qty: 300)

(43 customer reviews)
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$12.95 each
$59.94 ($9.99/bag) 6 Pack Free Shipping
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RamRodz® Barrel and Breech Cleaners are a new line of gun cleaning swabs that eliminate the need for cotton patches.  They provide far superior gun cleaning performance in a fraction of the time without the hassle and mess.  All RamRodz® models are ideal for cleaning barrels, receivers, slides, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.

  • Expands deep into rifling grooves
  • Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
  • Strong and flexible bamboo handles
  • No drip, mess or splatter
  • Disposable and biodegradable
  • Hanging Bag Size: 13″ H x 6″ W x 2″ D
  • Free Rifle Adapter included


Product Specs

3" Length, 7.62mm Tip Diameter



43 reviews for .30/.308/7.62mm Caliber (Qty: 300)

  1. mcmopar

    Ramrodz are the best. I love using Ramrodz products to clean my guns much better than using patches. I have them for all my firearms and they work great.

  2. Jett

    First time using these and they work great. First time using these and they work great. I use bore snake for quick cleans, but was old school with rod and patches for good clean. Never use patches again.

  3. bear1954

    Item’s as described and delivered on time and Thank You!!!

  4. Robert F. A.

    Helped me polish a barrel bore. I bought these because I needed to clean and polish the grooves in a barrel on a 130 year old rifle that was primarily used during the Black Powder days. When I used a brass jag with cotton patches the result was evident that only the lands of the rifling was getting polished seeing the four black stripes on the patch. The RamRodz was flexible enough to get down into the grooves. I used the 30 caliber rods on a 32 caliber gun but the idea worked. If the rods were a slightly larger diameter that would have been better. Prior to buying these I tried to stick a cotton ball on the end of the jag but that failed. My bore is now bright and shiny.

  5. James C. L.

    Much easier than regular patches.

  6. Joe in ABQ

    These are pretty convenient but will be pricy to use every time I clean my guns.

  7. SW M.

    A great invention, works perfect.

  8. Steve McNeill

  9. thomas

  10. Frank Falusi

  11. JAMES

  12. Robert P.

  13. Steve J.

  14. Edward Martin

    Very useful in cleaning barrels and chamber.

  15. Michael Marine

    these work good

  16. William F.

  17. Richard

  18. Tyrone Fries

    I’m sure they will work good like the others I use.

  19. Michael Brown

  20. Anonymous

  21. Peter


  23. Joel A Tillberg

  24. Ken D.

    So far so good great product They should come with at least two adapters for that amount of swabs

  25. Thomas R.

    I love these RamRodz Rifle and barrel cleaners, I will never ever go back to using cleaning patches. Lol

  26. Robert

    Worked just as good as the last batch

  27. Eulalio Aguilar

    Don’t do anything different! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.

  28. Tony H.

    Great products and quick shipping

  29. Anonymous

  30. RICHARD L.

  31. Jaime Vera

  32. Mark

  33. Anonymous

  34. Anonymous

  35. James Hartford

    easy to use

  36. Daniel J Bueckers

  37. Matthew

    I love your swabs! They make for a faster and more thorough cleaning than regular patches.

  38. Steve

  39. Robert Spagnola

    They could be a little bigger, fatter so, they make good contact with barrel.

  40. Verified Buyer

  41. Verified Buyer

    They fit too tight in the adapter. They are hard to get out of the adapter

  42. Timmy Lamb

    Fast ship.

  43. Terence K.

    I got every single size but forgot to order the 30 cal you can’t go wrong with these things I love them

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