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Professional Gun Cleaning Master Kit

(21 customer reviews)

Comprehensive Precision Detailing Kit for Common Caliber and Gauge Sizes

$129.99 each Free Shipping
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The Professional Gun and Parts Cleaning Master Kit includes brushes, solvents, oils, swabs and attachments for cleaning bores ranging from .220 diameter through .450 diameter. This gun cleaning kit also includes brushes and swabs for cleaning larger tubes and bores up to .750″/12 gauge. General detailing accessories include doubled-ended brushes, picks, an absorbent cleaning mat and a silicone infused cloth rag. The specially designed, professional-grade case provides four layers for versatility: the top layer houses cleaning accessories and attachments; the middle layers hold a cleaning mat and doubles as a portable work tray; the bottom layer holds bulk precision swabs, solvents and oils.

Features and Benefits:

  • For caliber and gauge sizes: .22 to .75 and 5mm – 12 gauge
  • Non-toxic and odor-free cleaning solution and lubricating oil
  • Prevent rust on metal components with premium, silicone-infused oiling cloth
  • Low-lint, industrial-grade precision cotton swabs


• (8) Standard Bore Brushes • (3) Long Micro-Tube Brushes • (3) Double-Ended Specialty Brushes • (2) Double-Ended Picks • Interlocking-Claw Tweezers • Pull-Through Cable and Push Rods with Thread Adapters • Cleaning Mat • Portable Work Tray • Cleaning Solution • Lubricating Oil • Silicon Oiling Cloth • 500+ Precision Cleaning Swabs



Only for use on RamRodz® approved gun mats. RamRodz® Cleaning Solution and Oil are made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials that provide deep penetrating power. These products are firearms safe but may penetrate most materials. Even the smallest drop on a non-approved gun mat may soak through after 24 hours. Be careful to only use on RamRodz® approved gun mat.


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21 reviews for Professional Gun Cleaning Master Kit

  1. Larry Garner

    Product is what I wanted shipping was a little high time frame was good. The only thing I forgot to get my free package of ramrodz I was going to get the .22 but my mistake but that was good incentive to purchase but that will not stop me from ordering items from you folks.

  2. Philip Gibbs

  3. Richard V.

    Nicely laid out kit. These cleaning supplies should last me for years as I am only an occasional (monthly) shooter. MUCH better than using cotton patches.

  4. David B.

    This is an outstanding kit, it will make the cleaning time better and allow me to get the job done far more efficient and cleanup way better by having most everything in one spot. The price was very good for the unit

  5. Maurice Herron

    No mess ! Easy to clean gun.

  6. David

  7. Rick

  8. Joe Cavanaugh

    Loved the cleaning mat that came with it.

  9. Les

  10. Christian Larsen


  11. Josef

    Great product, and incredible service and shipping!

  12. David Brown

    Very fast shipping! Have not used the kit yet but it is extensive and cant imagine needing anything else for gun care.

  13. Steven S.

    everything I expected it to be shipped and delivered promptly.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s a Christmas gift

  15. Joel

    Very impressive kit.

  16. Edward

    Still holding out for some full length (6″) 32 S&W pistol Qtips…

  17. David Nafus

    I love your products they work great I also use them on my motercycle’s

  18. Charles B.

    It’s a great kit, has everything in it you could ever want. Would be nice if you could custom configure the kit. Like someone who doesn’t have a shotgun could add additional 9mm swabs. Price would stay the same each part of the kit would have a price. Like I have an excellent mat, I would have liked to add a few more brass brushes and bag the mat. My other request would be for spare places to put your own stuff, like a razor blade or something you use that doesn’t come in the kit. The reason for my 4 rating is the things that slide to keep the case close pop off very easily if you overload the kit a little. Is that worth taking a star away for, I don’t know, maybe a 1/2 so 4 & 1/2.

  19. Joel A Tillberg

  20. Mike Cain

    One of the best and complete gun cleaning kits I’ve ever had!


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