The breech model is ideal for cleaning those smaller areas of the firearm
Assorted (non-caliber specific) RamRodz® for cleaning firearm recievers, slides, chambers, breeches and more

The RamRodz®Gun Detailing Assortment (#80250) provides shooters with a large combo-pack of industrial-grade, low-lint cotton swabs with flexible bamboo handles. This assortment can be used to clean all components of a firearm other than the bore.

The variety of sizes included makes cleaning firearm components easier than ever. From slide rails to bolt carriers, RamRodz®  provide a convenient and cost effective option for removing fouling, dirt, grease and debris from your firearm collection. Gunsmiths also prefer using RamRodz®to apply bluing finish.

The RamRodz® Gun Detailing Assortment is not intended for use in the barrel. Caliber-specific RamRodz® are available in the following sizes: .22 Caliber (#22300), .38/9mm (#38200), .40 Caliber (#40100), .45 Caliber (#45075) and .50 Caliber (#50075).


Features and Benefits:

  • Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
  • Strong, flexible bamboo handle resists snapping
  • Variety of sizes for increased versatility
  • Not intended for use in the barrel
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