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Range Kit for Rifles and Shotguns (Qty: 565)

(24 customer reviews)
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Start out your Ramrodz® collection with the convenient and refillable Range Kit for Rifles and Shotguns. Easily stored in a gun safe or range bag, the Range Kit includes six RamRodz® models ideal for cleaning common rifles and shotguns. With caliber-specific, low-lint cotton heads, RamRodz® are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to barrel walls, cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. Each RamRodz® features durable 3″ bamboo handles that attach easily to the included adapters for use with RamRodz® Bore Cable or standard cleaning rods.





  • 565 assorted Ramrodz® in six common rifle and shotgun calibers/gauges
  • .223/5.56mm model features chisel tip for hard-to-reach areas
  • 3″ bamboo handle with low-lint, caliber-specific cotton heads
  • Easily stored in a range bag or gun safe
  • Gauge Sizing Chart keeps your Ramrodz® organized
  • Refillable and reusable
  • 2 Orange 5.5cm RamRodz® Rifle and Shotgun Adapters
  • 2 Green 4.2cm RamRodz® Rifle and Shotgun Adapters

Sizes Included:

  • .22, .223/5.56mm
  • .30/.308/7.62mm
  • .44/.45/.410
  • 20 and 12 gauge

Product Specs

.22 Caliber: 8" Length, 7mm Tip Diameter; .223/5.56mm Caliber: 3" Length, 5.56mm Tip Diameter; .30/.308/7.62mm Caliber: 3" Length, 7.62mm Tip Diameter; .44/.45/.410 Caliber: 8" Length, 12mm Tip Diameter; 20 Gauge: 3" Length, 17mm Tip Diameter; 12 Gauge: 3" Length, 20mm Tip Diameter


.223/5.56mm Caliber - 250; .22 Caliber - 100; .30/.308/7.62mm Caliber - 125; .44/.45/.410 Caliber - 30; .20 Gauge - 35; 12 Gauge - 400

24 reviews for Range Kit for Rifles and Shotguns (Qty: 565)

  1. Michael K.

  2. dino lanovara

  3. Greg D.

  4. David

  5. Michael F.

    Kit is very nice. Good case and lots of sizes.

  6. Andrew W.

  7. Richard

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

  10. Karl B.

  11. Victor

    Excellent support you guys did great, will order again

  12. Peter


  14. Joel A Tillberg

  15. James Montgomery

  16. Jamie Townsend

    Fast and easy delivery

  17. Dawn B.

    Gift for hubby. He was so happy

  18. Henry R.

    Highly recommended. Great product and happy. Shipping is very slow.

  19. Kurt Figurelli

    This an excellent kit however I would like to see some 25 caliber swabs added in the future, especially with the growing popularity of the 6.5 creedmoor

  20. Timothy

    I have been using these for the cleaning odd jobs that were hard to do otherwise, inside of bolts, actions, magazines, etc. They work real well.

  21. Todd Miller

  22. Robert P.

  23. vince battaglia

    I recently purchased the RamRodz gun-sized cleaning tips and I must say, they have been a game changer in my gun maintenance routine. Essentially, these are precisely sized cotton tips designed to cater to various gun sizes, making the cleaning process both efficient and thorough.
    So far, I’ve used the RamRodz on several of my firearms and they’ve performed exactly as I expected – wonderfully. What impressed me most is how they conform to the specific needs of each gun, allowing for detailed cleaning in even the hardest-to-reach areas. The absorbency and strength of the cotton tips are noteworthy; they don’t fray or leave residue, which is crucial for keeping the guns in top condition.
    Their versatility is a huge plus, especially for someone like me who owns multiple types of firearms. Each tip size is perfect for its intended caliber, ensuring that no corner is left uncleaned. This level of specificity in a cleaning tool is not something I’ve come across often, and it’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into designing these tips.
    In conclusion, RamRodz gun cleaning tips are, in my experience, an excellent investment for any gun owner. They simplify the cleaning process, are highly effective, and enhance the overall maintenance of the firearms. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to keep their guns in pristine condition with minimal fuss.
    Vince B

  24. Stephen Sult

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