Press Release: Gun Detailing Assortment

Woodstock, NY (October 6, 2014) – RamRodz®, a Revolutionary Gun Cleaning System, proudly announces the new Gun Detailing Assortment. This set includes a variety of 250 non-caliber specific swabs ideal for cleaning slides, magazine housings, bolts, receivers and much more.

This assortment is great for applying solvents and other cleaning chemicals. The tightly wound cotton heads ensure a drip and splatter free cleaning experience, while the flexible handles allow users to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach surfaces that are inaccessible using traditional cleaning methods.

All swabs in the Ramrodz® Gun Detailing Assortment feature the same flexible bamboo handles and low-lint cotton heads found on the caliber specific swabs.

This variety pack makes the perfect complement to any bag of caliber specific RamRodz® which are available in .22 to .50 caliber sizes. ­­Made entirely from renewable resources, RamRodz® are disposable and biodegradable.

Warning: Always unload your firearm before cleaning.