Rifle Adapters

Press Release: Rifle & Shotgun Adapters

 Rifle and Shotgun Adapters Extend Versatility of RamRodz® Gun Cleaning System
Easily clean long guns from breech to muzzle with durable adapters

Woodstock, NY (May 15, 2014) – RamRodz® Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of gun care accessories: Rifle and Shotgun Adapters (#60010). These durable adapters are made of reinforced nylon and designed to fit standard cleaning-rod threads (8/32”).The easy-to-use design makes cleaning barrels from breech to muzzle faster than ever. Simply attach the adapter to the cleaning rod, press your caliber-specific RamRodz into the adapter, and pass through the barrel for a fast and superior cleaning performance.

RamRodz Rifle and Shotgun Adapters come in two color-coded models. The green adapter is designed to securely hold rifle-caliber sized Ramrodz, while the orange adapter is meant to accommodate the extra-thick, yet still flexible bamboo handles on shotgun-sized RamRodz.

Rifle Adapters 20 Gauge Shotgun Adapter

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