A Revolutionary
Gun Cleaning System

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Cleaning a 9mm Concealed Carry

Caliber-Specific Gun Cleaning System
for Most Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns

Flexible, Strong 
Bamboo Handle

Low-Lint Cotton

Expands Deep
Into Rifling Grooves

What Are RamRodz?

RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners are a new line of caliber specific gun cleaning swabs consequently eliminating the need for cotton patches. They provide superior cleaning performance in a fraction of the time. Due to their low-lint, highly absorbent cotton heads RamRodz® make gun cleaning hassle and mess free.

Favored by professionals, each model of RamRodz® Barrel Cleaners are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to the barrel walls, therefore cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. Disposable and biodegradable, RamRodz® are available in most common rifle, shotgun and handgun caliber. Finally, all RamRodz® models are ideal for cleaning barrels, receivers, slides, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.

Customer Reviews

  • “Great product makes cleaning quick and easy. I like the fact I can clean the barrel from the magazine end without disassembling the entire gun. The swab is wound very tight so no pieces come off.”

  • Outstanding product! Allows detailed cleaning of your guns. The tips are perfectly sized and allow maximum application of CLP in the barrel of your guns. I particularly like using RamRodz in my Kidd .22LR bull barrel. The properly sized bulbs and stiff sticks allow me to clean the barrel without using a bore brush.

    - RickyVirginia
  • Buy some of the big ones even if you don't have a large bore they are very handy for cleanup and applying blue.

    - AnonymousMichigan
  • I shoot a lot, and I was intrigued when I heard about these. I'm meticulous about my gun maintenance, so I always do a thorough cleaning. These things are awesome and they really speed up cleaning. Soak one with RemOil, run it up and down the barrel a few times, follow with brass brush, and finish with a new RamRodz swab soaked in RemOil and the barrel is good to go.

    - MikeOhio
  • Much better than using patches. I found cleaning easier. I will be using these from now on. They are flexible enough to insert from the forcing cone on my revolver.

    - PetePennsylvania